About Dr Kate Doak

Kate Doak has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy at RMIT, a five year university course, and graduated in 1995. She has worked in a number of Osteopathic clinics, including her own practice since then; Windsor Osteopathy, Berwick Osteopathy, Arcadia Health, mhealth and Waterways Osteopathy. These clinics have included working with GPs, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Masseurs and Pilates instructors.

Kate has always been interested in the complexities of the human body and how Osteopathy can help improve health and wellbeing when treating acute and chronic injuries to the body. Kate enjoys Osteopathy because of its holistic approach; understanding how one region in dysfunction can result in problems elsewhere in the body. Treatment therefore is not just treating the pain site but addressing all contributing factors, which leads to better outcomes for the patient.

Kate has additional training in dry needling techniques and has completed the APPI Clinical Pilates Equipment course. She has worked over the years with a wide range of practitioners and understands the importance of co-treating patients when there are complex issues involved. This leads to better outcomes for the patient.

Kate has a special interest in complex pelvic/ low back dysfunction, scoliosis and neck and whiplash injury.

Through this training and her experience, she wants to not only treat patients to relieve pain, but to educate patients in their own self management and ultimately educate people to understand their body more, knowledge is power.